Virginia’s Phase One of Recovery Now Postponed for Accomack County

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced on Thursday that Accomack County is among a few jurisdictions that will remain closed while the rest of the state begins phase one of reopening the economy.

Accomack County has 593 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, with 26 hospitalizations and 8 deaths. The county’s population is just about 32,000, meaning close to 2% of the population is infected.

Phase one was scheduled to begin statewide on Friday, May 15, with the exception of Northern Virginia. Governor Northam has now approved local leaders’ calls for a delay in Accomack County and in the City of Richmond.

The Accomack County Board of Supervisors wrote to Governor Northam saying “A two-week delay will allow sufficient time for data to be accumulated for this area and analyzed to determine if it is indeed ready to take further steps to reopen.”

Accomack County and the City of Richmond will now join Northern Virginia in reopening no earlier than Friday, May 29.