Perdue Farms Apologizes for Order Delays Amid Increased Demand Due to Coronavirus

Locally owned and operated Perdue Farms is issuing an apology, following order shipment issues centered around increased demand caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

In a lengthy apology, Chris Perdue, the company’s Director of E-Commerce, and a 4th generation member of the Perdue family said in part “over the past few months we’ve let you down by saying that we could quickly and efficiently ship your orders – but this pandemic has shown us otherwise.”

Perdue Farms says their relatively new website could not keep up with the high demand, nor could their order fulfillment or customer service departments, they said.

To handle the surge in demand, Perdue says they’re putting an emergency plan in place including implementing a new order fulfillment partner, shutting down all advertising and marketing and adding new customer support staff.