Nikki drives Delmarva home & delivers a more music afternoon show without sacrificing important information listeners need. Nikki’s personality, her knowledge of the music, and her love for telling bad jokes along with long music segments makes the ride home the best in the market. Nikki is Happy Hour for your head.

Mondays – Fridays 3PM – 7PM




Questions with Nikki!

I am a: woman
Seeking a: man with long, dark hair, 6’0”, from Warren, OH, drummer (Dave Grohl)
I’m from: The Philly area. It’s called water ice.
My interests include: gaming, the Philadelphia 76ers, space (the outer kind and the away-from-people kind)
My Sign is: Stop
Movies: The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Back to the Future
Music: Please don’t ask me this question, you’re on a rock website.