Maryland’s COVID-19 Hospitalizations Level Off, Governor Hogan Could Begin Reopening State This Week

In a press conference on Wednesday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said if COVID-19 hospitalizations and intensive care unit occupancies continue to decline, he would be prepared to begin stage of the state’s “Roadmap to Recovery” plan this week.

In daily tracking numbers from the Maryland Department of Health, the state’s ICU beds, acute beds and total beds in use have either declined or remained steady.

There are 1,600 total beds in use, down from a peak of 1,700 on May 7. Acute bed occupancy is at 1,000, down approximately one thousand from the day before. ICU bed occupancy is at 611, its highest level to date.

The Governor says the state has made key progress on the four building blocks needed to begin a reopening.

“If these trends continue into next week, we will be ready to lift the stay at home order and to begin Stage One… That would mean the reopening of certain types of businesses and lower risk community, religious and quality of life activities.” Governor Hogan said during last week’s press conference.

Among the steps in the first stage to recovery the Governor eluded to are the reopening of small shops and businesses, elective medical and dental procedures at medical offices, limited attendance of outdoor religious gatherings, recreational boating, fishing, golfing, tennis, hiking and hunting, the reopening of car washes, limited outdoor gym and fitness classes, outdoor work with appropriate distancing measures and some personal services.

We are awaiting further guidance from the office of the Governor and the Maryland Department of Health on whether the reopening will begin this week.