Majority of Wicomico County’s COVID-19 Cases Come from Delaware

In an interview with Delmarva News Network’s Hunter Landon, Mayor Jake Day of Salisbury says the majority of Wicomico County’s cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) can be traced back to Delaware.

The Mayor says most of the county’s cases have one to two degrees of separation from a poultry plant in Delaware.

Mayor Day told DNN’s Hunter Landon “When you look at that kind of interstate travel, that’s only going to be a higher risk the more we reopen.” He continued “We are working closely with our partner jurisdictions in Delaware, Virginia and on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.”

The origin of cases is being mapped by contact tracers with the Wicomico County Health Department.

Mayor Day also noted that Wicomico County leads the state in testing, with nearly four percent of the county’s population being tested for COVID-19. That’s more than any other county in Maryland.