Hours Long Delays Plague Maryland’s New Unemployment Website

As more than 200,000 Marylanders have filed for unemployment, the state’s Department of Labor has launched a new unemployment insurance website, although for many, it has been plagued with delays and technical issues.

The BEACON One-Stop application site was launched to provide a singular outlet for those filing and certifying unemployment claims.

Some residents reported upwards of 10 hour waits, in the “queue,” which is a wait list intended not to overload and crash the website. They also reported being in line behind hundreds of thousands of other people.

Maryland’s Department of Labor is admitting the fault, saying the launch of the site has “clearly fallen short.”

The state partnered with Sagitec, an outside benefits administration program vendor to craft the new website.

Tiffany Robinson, Maryland’s Secretary of Labor said “We were hopeful that our partnership with the vendor would provide rapid solutions. Instead, it has caused a series of challenges for applicants. The vendor’s platform could not sustain the volume of visitors to the site. This was not acceptable, and we are taking immediate actions to fix these problems.”

As mentioned, to prevent the overload of the system that has been experienced, the state has introduced a virtual waiting line. Users are notified by e-mail when it is their turn.