Governor Hogan’s Stages to Reopening Maryland

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has introduced his “roadmap to recovery,” a three stage guide to reopening the state’s economy.

In a Wednesday press conference, the Governor announced he’s opening beaches, state parks and golf courses and permitting other recreational activities, as a sign the state is headed in a positive direction when it comes to COVID-19 hospitalizations.

The Governor told reporters “If these trends continue into next week, we will be ready to lift the stay at home order and to begin Stage One… That would mean reopening of certain types of businesses and lower risk community, religious and quality of life activities.”

Stage one, which could begin next week would allow the reopening of small shops and businesses, elective medical and dental procedures at medical offices, limited attendance of outdoor religious gatherings, recreational boating, fishing, golf, tennis, hiking and hunting, reopening of car washes, limited outdoor gym and fitness classes, outdoor work with appropriate distancing measures and some personal services.

Stage two would see a rise in the cap on social gatherings, opening of indoor gyms and fitness classes, childcare centers and a return to normal transit schedules. Indoor religious gatherings would be permitted, restaurants and bars would reopen with restrictions and elective and outpatient procedures at hospitals would resume.

Stage three would allow higher risk activities including larger social gatherings, the reopening of high capacity bars and restaurants, lessening restrictions on visits to nursing homes and hospitals, reopening entertainment venues and larger religious gatherings.

The Governor’s office stresses a regional approach to the roadmap to recovery, advancing stages based on the progress of specific localities.