Governor Hogan, Former Governor O’Malley Trade Jabs on Education

After Maryland’s incumbent Republican Governor Larry Hogan posted to Facebook, tying his predecessor, Former Governor Martin O’Malley to excessive spending and tax hikes, the Former Governor is firing back.

On Wednesday, Governor Hogan said “They’re at it again. The same politicians that raised your taxes 43 consecutive times during the O’Malley years have been meeting in secret to raise your taxes.” Delmarva News Now could find no evidence of this claim, although Governor O’Malley did raise taxes on numerous occasions.

Governor Hogan continued, railing against the Kirwan Commission, an initiative by the state legislature to explore educational improvements in the state’s public school system as a “vehicle to push for MASSIVE state and local tax hikes – the largest in Maryland history – that will do little to increase student achievement.”

Former Governor O’Malley retorted saying “Maryland public schools were ranked #1 in the nation until you were elected, Larry Hogan. Now quit the games, do your job and fully fund our schools so we can lead again.” The Former Governor’s claim is false. A 2014 study by the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation found that in 2014, the last full year of Martin O’Malley’s governorship, Maryland’s public schools were ranked number 12 overall in the nation, not number one as O’Malley claimed.