Georgetown Business Owner Allows Customer Seating, Bucking Delaware’s Stay at Home Order

Michael Oxbrough, owner of Cafe on the Circle in Georgetown is allowing limited outdoor seating for customers, in defiance of Governor John Carney’s stay at home order.

Oxbrough said in a Facebook video that he is still offering carryout and curbside service, but will allow customers to consume their meals outside of his restaurant in a seating area allowing no more than 12 customers at a time.

He says “I’ve had about enough of it.” referring to the prolonged restaurant closures. “What went from 14 days went to 50 days.”

Oxbrough said “I’m done with it… so we’re open for sitting. Come on in, grab your lunch.” Although he stresses he has placed tables eight feet apart and will partake in robust sanitation and cleaning regimens.

Oxbrough says he reached out to the state government but received no official response.

As part of Governor John Carney’s stay at home executive order, restaurants are only permitted to offer carryout and delivery services. Seating is not allowed indoors or outdoors.