Delaware Law Enforcement Associations Condemn Attorney General Kathy Jennings

The Delaware State Troopers Association, Delaware Fraternal Order of Police and the Delaware Police Chief’s Council released a statement condemning Attorney General Kathy Jennings’ decision to not prosecute 22 protesters who were arrested in Camden on June 9th.

The joint statement began by saying “Delaware’s Law Enforcement is under attack!”

The letter continued calling Attorney General Jennings’ decision “politically motivated” and said Troopers and police officers are “under attack not only by criminals or violent protesters, but by the Attorney General herself.”

The letter alleged Attorney General Jennings “makes no distinction between peaceful protesters and violent protesters.”

In a statement to Delmarva News Network, the Attorney General said “We said from square one that we understood this decision would have dissenting opinions on both sides” continuing to say “We do not prosecute nonviolent, principled acts of civil disobedience.”

“I respect voices of dissent, but there is work ahead of us and I have neither time nor any use for cheap shots.” Attorney General Jennings said.

In reference to the letter, Mat Marshall, Communications Director for the Delaware Department of Justice told Delmarva News Network “We are not aware of a single chief in our state who signed off on this letter.”